Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Wiki for School Development

I have created a new wiki to begin a discussion about possible developments for Opotiki College. There is a link to it on the side. At the moment I am planning 4 pages, but, no doubt, more will be added by myself and others. Currently there is some thoughts up on the Property and School Structures Pages. I hope those who are interested in the development of Opotiki College will comment and add to the pages.

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M said...

I've just had a look through the Opocolplan Wiki and found your ideas interesting.

Coming from someone not in the education field I liked your approach to the learning environment (gee that sounds terribly PC)and read out your comments to Fran about pupils having to deal with compartmentalised learning (my term) in 1 hour blocks in different rooms, perhaps not being indicative of the real world. I thought you were on the button there. My job varies during the day but it's generally the same core role etc.

Fran mentioned though that the different environments provided by separate rooms would be required to achieve the curriculum goals, alternatively you wouldn't want teachers moving from room to room lugging resources.

I then said perhaps educators could look to learning in day-blocks. That is, kids do one subject per day ... I don't know how you would keep their attention all day though (it would be a bit like a conference).

Anyhow, this extremely lengthy blog comment may help discussion. All the best for your ideas mate.