Friday, December 15, 2006

Te Kotahitanga

I always knew that our Te Kotahitanga training would go well led by Roimata, Hone, Tom and Eru but I have been blown away by how it has actually gone. Day 2 showed awesome progress in the understanding and thinking of the whole group and of the individuals. Feedback from people involved has been absolutely positive. Roimata, Hone, Tom ans Eru have been magnificent.

The highlight yesterday, apart from the great whanaungatanga, was the presentation of the skits at the session just before dinner. Paul's group had us in stitches with their mime, Barbara's group performed great charades, Gareth had us patting each other on the back, Scotty's group rewrote "Another Brick In The Wall, Eddie's group had us grooving to a rap, Mick's group entertained us with a magic mirrow, Karen's group impressed with an animated power point and Kurt's group entertained us with Te Kotahitanga television.

Wahine no 1 also carried out her kuia in the kitchen duties with great success.

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