Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mangakirikiri Meander

Have just finished a relaxing ride down the Mangakirikiri Stream. I was out for 5 hours in total but only 3 hours of that was cycling as we had a lot of rests. Leigh came to the gate and returned as she has a lot of housework to do. Andrew, his daughters Amber and Nicole, his nephews Anthony and Tim (see the Whirinaki post) and their friends from Wellington from Florida, Winston and Jo and I carried on down the stream and the long haul home against the wind down the Pakihi and Otara Roads.

The neat thing was seeing the young fellas really enjoying the downhill single track adventure through mudholes and the 40+ creek crossings. They gave everything a go and even gave things a second and third go if they did not have a successful crossing first time up. It's an awesome ride which riders of all abilities can manage.

I didn't take my camera as last time I took a spill in the creek. Andrew took his and I hope to receive some shots to post here for your enjoyment.

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Have a great new year!

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