Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Does anybody know how to change the clock or date on these blogs? Must be on US time so I type in one day and it says it's the day before! Never mind.

I have not fully recovered from last night's brutal ride. Been coughing and spluttering all day. Time was about 25 30 which is great considering how long it has been and the strong wind!

Had a great 3 hour meeting with the team from Kawerau and Bill from Whakatane. I don't know if their idea of fun is being shut in a room with me for 3 hours while I spout on about restorative justice, values and our JAM programme, but I had a great time!

Managed to finalise my budget for next year and confirm asset, minor equipment, minor property, furniture and equipment, STAR, software and computer network expenditure for next year. We plan to operate with a deficit of $50,000 because we have committed that amount from funds to go towards the Tech Block refurbishment and my budget came out with a deficit of $49,849! Not much room left to move!

I am about to go out to the Kapa Haka end of year dinner which will be quite pleasant, though I am very tired at the moment. Head to Auckland tomorrow evening because Sam (son) has an appointment at Starship for his scoliosis. Check out the link to his blog to see Xray pictures and track how he is feelling about it all.

280 junior reports will be waiting for me to read and comment on when I return and they have to be done before the end of the weekend!

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Megan said...

I think you change the time in the Template tab when you log on to blogspot... You might also want to switch the comment filter on - will stop you getting spammed with comments - which does happen! Slightly scary photo Maurie!!