Thursday, December 21, 2006

The End Is Nigh

It is now Thursday night and I'm waiting for my takeaway pizzas to be cooked before I go home. By mid afternoon tomorrow I should have finished enough to be able to take a decent break. The Timetable is done, but I've spotted a few minor things that need changing. Wahine 2 and I will wrap the staff manual tomorrow and I'll do a last tidy up. I still have one appointment to make, but I am confident that we have someone lined up. Hopefully I have also just appointed a Sportfit Co-ordinator, but he did not turn up today as promised!

I've been struggling with a sore throat and have not even thought about Xmas. The next highlight is the possums biking in the Whirinaki Forest on Saturday. Will be a big day, but will be fun. Also found an event for Easter 2007. A 3 day 295ki MTB ride from Whakatane to Taupo across country! That's us.

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