Sunday, December 10, 2006

Reports and MTB Adventure

I was quite pleased with myself on Saturday as I biked into school (against the wind) and completed 140 reports - all of the Year 9s and A-C of the Year 10s. I then biked all the way home (against the wind!).

It is now Sunday 1.40pm and I still have the rest of the Year 10 reports to do! Why am I starting so late? Because the possums have just done a brilliant but brutal MTB ride. Myself, Lea, Andy and 2 new applicants (Brian and his son Michael) biked up Amokura Rd (new world record of 38 minutes to the top of the big grind) and then came down Upper Paerata Rd and this time took the correct turn and ended up on Paerata Rd after some awesome but scary, on the edge of out of control downhill. We were out for 4 1/4 hours but my total biking time was 2 3/4 hours as I had to do a lot of waiting for the others! Not really, but we had a long stop at the trig because of the awesome views - and because we were tired!

Lea was a wimp and grizzled about her brakes all the way (who needs brakes?) and then walked down!?* an awesome downhill after seeing Brian falling off 1/3 of the way down and his bike carrying on for another 1/3! Michael rode strongly but we broke him in the end and the old mountain goat Andrew just kept plugging on. An awesome ride! All of the photos can be viewed by clicking here!

But time for reports!


Andrew T said...

Hey blog spotters you may think this guy is making it all up but he is for real

Mike D said...

Wow, the guys & girl who did this must have been machines to make it all that way!!! Haha. Cant wait till next time we get out there! Top day, loved every bit of it! -Mike

Lea V said...

It's all true except for the wimpy girl bit!!!