Sunday, October 19, 2008

SOBs Are Back

We had a great ride this morning and it was like the good old days. The Boss, Hedley, Teleri, Destry and Jared biked from town and picked me up at Tirohanga. I thought we were going to do the Mangakirikiri Stream to Pakihi but of course we turned up the hill towards Valley Station Road. The climb was worth it as we had a good ride along the top and then charged down to the stream. The creek was quite high so the crossings were interesting.

When I heard Jared and Destry laughing in front of me at the last crossing I should have been suspicious, but on their urgings I ploughed into the water to find myself up to my seatpost in water. I attempted to keep peddling only to have my wheels float off the bottom. Cool!

Of course we then encouraged the boss and Hedley to have an unsuspecting shot much to our amusement. Don't tell Lea, but we're going to try to get her to have an unsuspecting try!

The ride back to town with a strong southerly at our back was very fast. Thankfully we had a coffee at Hedley's before I had a final solo 8k home in the wind.

Leigh, Shirley, Marg and Sarah were out tackling the Meremere again and they returned pleased with how they conquered it.

The SOBs are back in business and are talking about Amokura Rd next weekend. Must take the camera as there is potential for mayhem.

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