Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back Into The Swing: Troubles with NZQA

The holidays are here! Apparently, I've already had mine so I'm at work and well and truly back into it. While attempting to keep my eye on the big stuff which has recently had my attention I've been dealing with a carpet layer putting his foot through a rotten floor, an argument over who should pay for toilets and cleaning at the farm block and other stuff.

I'm also trying to buy another car as the Mitsi is about to die. I'm sick of being in debt!

Robyn has tied up all loose ends so I reckon I might be out of here by the end of the week. It will be good to have a break to spend time with Lucy and Leigh before the Motu the following weekend and before the final term gets under way.

I think I have bought into a fight with NZQA and am hoping that my BOPPA colleagues are doing the same that I am. I am refusing to report the non-achievement of internal NCEA standards because there is no sound educational reason to do so and it does not warrant the extra workload. I have been told by Bali Haque that we will face remedial action if we fail to follow guidelines. The reply I got to my email has done nothing to make me want to change my mind. Rage against the machine!


M said...

Surely it would it assist comparisons between education facilities if all results were reported rather than just those ones you want to. Perhaps I'm missing something? From a layman's point of view I'd like to see apples for apples when comparing statistics.

Rage On!

Maurie said...

That's the problem, the apples are different. Previously some schools told kids they couldn't sit School Cert because they believed they would fail and make their stats look bad! I wonder how many kids were let down by that action. NCEA has been refreshing as you report on what the kids can do. It is now shifting back to the old environment.

I wonder how many politicians and policy makers who are making these rules include on their CVs all the things they can't do!