Sunday, October 5, 2008

Late Preparation For The Motu

The Motu is only one week away and I have now completed two weeks of my training schedule. The team is still a bit up in the air. The plan was to be in a 2 man team with the Boss, Team Very Principled, but he's been a bit crook and even now the selector is giving him until the last possible moment to become available for selection.

Last Saturday Nicole, Lea and I paddled the top two thirds of the river and all went well. On the Sunday Lea MTBed to Motu then she ran from the bridge while I ran from 2k in. I was disappointed with 1.28 which equates to 1.38 for the full distance.

In the meantime Leigh and Lucy headed off on the cycle leg. Lucy is cycling in the Boss' daughters' team and this is the first time she has cycled the course. Leigh was doing it because I suggested she would enjoy it. Lucy did 2hrs 05 while Leigh did about 2 15. Right then she became first reserve for the cycle leg for Very Principled. Lea was biking from Matawai where I had bought the compulsory fried sausage.

Nicole, kurt and I started paddling and Lea joined us at the Gravel Pit. The river was low (1.48m) and the paddle was hard especially after the day before.

On Friday Leigh, Lucy and Shirley did an awesome ride up the Meremere and back, another first for Lucy and Leigh. On Saturday Kurt and I paddled the river (very, very low 1.39) which was a real struggle - 3 hours and 5 mins!

On Saturday night the Boss was still an uncertain starter.

This morning (Sunday) Lea MTB through with Glen B while Leigh, Lucy and I drove through to Motu behind the Boss and daughter Amber. Lea and Amber and I did the full run. I did a disappointing 1 39 in quite cold and windy conditions with Lea and Amber doing about 1.55.

In the meantime Leigh, Lucy and the Boss headed off cycling in wet conditions with a strong headwind from Traffords. By the time we (I) bought a sausage from Matawai we only caught them right at the end. In very tough conditions the Boss did 2 hours, Lucy did 2 05 and Leigh did 2.20. All good times. We then heard that young Gareth had biked it in 1.39. Outstanding!

The Boss felt good so Plan A is me and him. Plan B is he MTB, I run and kayak and Leigh road bikes. Plan C is Roger MTBs, I run and kayak and Boss road cycles. Plan D is Roger MTBs, I run and kayak and Leigh cycles. And there are still 22 letters of the alphabet left!


Megan said...

Brilliant - did Leigh get an option to say yes, or is it once you've made the grade you have no choice... :-)

Maurie said...

People need help to make choices!

Leigh said...

Just to clarify a small point - I have biked up the Meremere hill a number of times, and I have done it from home. My self esteem is now restored.