Monday, October 13, 2008

The Mighty Motu Challenge!

What a great event and what great performances by the various members of the Possums and SOBs. The Very Principalled Possums did about 9.17 with ringin Christopher leading the way with a 3 05 mtb. I followed up with a 1.26 run (10 min faster than expected) then the mighty Boss flew home carrying a kidney stone on his road bike in 1.41. I finished off with a 3.04 on the water/cycle run/leg. I guarantee no one paddled a plastic boat faster than me down the river that day!

But what about Trev/Terry's 9.15 solo effort and Hedley's 9.36 solo effort which has me considering early retirement! Lea put in a gutsy 10.51 in her solo effort with a gentle reminder about how tough the event is.

Lucy was in a team with boss' daughters and rode a wonderful 1.58 in a solo road cycle. Amber succumbed to injury on the run and Nicole had a strong final leg paddling powerfully through the field.

There were some great MTB efforts led by Barry in 2.41, Destry in about 2.56, glen in 2.58, Karl in a fraction over 3 hrs, and Brett in 3.05. Aaron had a strong run and kayak section and Dad George paddled very well.

The best news was that Captain Aquanaut only had one swim!

And what about 72 year old Dennis who did the whole thing in just over 11 hours? Kurt and Steve (who both worked hard with their star road cyclist Teleri who rode in 1.47) were overheard skiting how they finished in front of the old fellow --- by 3 minutes!

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