Monday, October 13, 2008

First Day Back at School

I arrived to hear Robyn was sick and would be away! Never mind we coped. It is certainly great to be back at work. The Diary was full with a couple of new enrolments, a meeting with two whanau about behavioural issues, the drug testing of a couple of students to keep them on their toes, an assembly, dozens of emails to process, questions to answer from my Executive Officer, a 3 hour meeting at the Council to discuss event centre options, a Senior Leadership Team meeting at 5.00, followed by a quick jog to recover from the Motu and a sprint home with a satchel of work to cook tea because Leigh goes to Pump on Mondays. What a great day. Bring on tomorrow.

It's now 8.30pm, I have a glass of wine and I'm about to open the satchel. Already thinking about getting up 30 mins earlier to get to work to do the stuff I didn't fit in tonight so that I am free to make it to the opening night of Summer Series Cycling tomorrow!

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