Saturday, January 9, 2010

Surf's Up!

Yesterday Lucy and I went to surf lessons at Ohope and graduated successfully!

We had a one hour lesson on land taken by Beaver and the lovely Lucy. We learnt how to paddle through the waves, paddle to catch a wave, steady ourselves, get to our knees and then to stand and haka hula.

We then entered the water for an hour of surfing. Our instructions were to go out to where the waves were breaking and catch them after they had broken. To my surprise I stood up and stayed standing up right into the shore! Lucy proved to be as natural as I was!

After about 20 minutes of doing this we headed a little further out (still not quite over our heads!) and started catching waves before they broke. A couple of nosedives showed that it was important to stand quickly so both of us dispensed with the kneeling stage and got used to going straight to our feet. These rides were cool!

All too soon our hour was up and we got our certificate and headed home hugely pleased with our new status as surfies! Wicked dude! Lucy and I both agreed we were the two best surfers in the class of 10 and that she wasn't too far behind me!

Highly recommended dude! Now where can I get a board from?

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Anonymous said...

Surfing changes your life. It generally doesn't hurt as much when you fall off! Alex will be happy to go for a paddle with you and Lucy next time we're all in the vicinity of some waves...cheers E