Monday, January 11, 2010

Mangakirikiri Mystery

You really need a knowledge of this looped mtb track to fully understand this comedy.

Jarrod and Aaron thought they would clear the windfall from the Valley Station Road loop so..... Jarrod dropped Aaron off at the top of the hill at the start of Valley station and, armed with a hand saw, sent him along Valley Station on his mtb and told him they would meet somewhere along the stream. Jarrod then drove back to the skid site and hopped on his mtb with Shane's wee trailer and his chaainsaw in it and headed down stream clearing fallen trees.

When he had finished he had not seen Aaron so assumed he had backtracked to the skid site. Jarrod rode back up Mangakirikiri and at the skid site discovered the chain guard had come off the chainsaw so biked all the way back to find it then biked back to the skid site. But, no Aaron. Jarrod jumped in his truck drove up to Valley Station Rd and then along the newly cleared Valley Station as far as the truck would go without sustaining more damage than some scratches and a broken aerial. He the got on his mtb and carried on in the same direction looking for Aaron.

In the meantime Aaron, who had been meticulous about his clearing arrived at the stream and then rode up it until the skid site to find no Jarrod or truck. He assumed Jarrod had driven up to Valley Station Rd so he rode up this huge hill to get there but no Jarrod or truck. He then headed back down the hill, past the skid site, through the gate and ended jup at my plaace at aabout 6.00pm absolutely shagged and hanging out for a beer.

In the meantime Jarrod turned around at the little sisters, returned to the truck and drove baack out to Hermanssons cowshed and rung George who had no idea where Aaron was. Jarrod feared the worst and headed back to the skid site. At about this time Aaron rang George to come and pick him up who informed Aaron that Jarrod was back in the bush looking for him while swearing loudly.

In the meantime Jarrod rode back down the Mangakirikiri and near the first creek crossing saw Aaron's tyre marks so assumed he was out, rode all the way back to his truck at the skid site and drove out. Once he got cell phone reception he discovered Aaron and George were at my place drinking beer so turned up in quite a rage.

I was able to intercept him with a cold beer and was able to avert a family fall out!

When you are biking the newly manicured valley Station circuit please have a wee thought for the Teddy boys!


The older teddy brother said...

you are a very good listner Sir, mR Abs, i tought you well in bursary geography.

good story by the way. it better when you tell it by drawing pictures in the ground

Barry said...

It reminds me of the time we were coming back down the Mungapamaramu Stream and all got split up, I think Tiny Teddy was involved that day too!

Jarrod said...

What does that tell ya?

Lea said...

I'm not sure the tiniest Teddy was in the wrong here? It seems that he did exactly what he was told...just took a little longer then expected.

Anonymous said...

good story,but you left the most important bit out,the reason y i started riding home was bcause i was getting cold and started to get asma due to climbing that hill.