Saturday, January 23, 2010

NCEA 2009

Once again we have punched well above our weight for a decile 1 school. With 66% of our Year 11s gaining NCEA Level 1, 81% of our Year 12s gaining Level 2 (with all but 4 of the rest gaining Level 1) and 64% of our Year 13s(!) gaining Level 3 (with all of the rest gaining Level 2) we have done wonderfully well.

The keys, I am certain, are strong leadership across the whole school, an emphasis on strong and positive relationships with our students, and a 'dog-with-a-bone' belief that everyone of our students can succeed.

When you consider that 60-67% of our students arrive at the start of Year 9 in the bottom quartile of nationally-normed literacy and numeracy tests I don't believe there would be many, if any, schools in New Zealand which 'add value' as much as we do.

Let's see what ERO's view is when they arrive in Term III!


Rachael said...

Well done Maurie, im sure i read somewhere that all students can achieve, its the teachers that fail in their teaching, but im sure that isnt always the case. Keep up the great work.

Maurie said...

Teaching is a very important element. Unfortunately it is only one.

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Teaching is a good