Sunday, January 17, 2010

Curse on Valley Station Rd

Two weeks ago I was charging down Valley Station and my derailleur was snapped off by a branch and I ahd to single speed back with my chain breaking on the last hill at home. So I missed the stream ride.

One week ago I attempted the same loop and had to turn around at the stream and walk back up to help Kurt look for his sunglasses. So I missed the stream ride.

Today I was hurtling down Valley Staion at a section known, by me, as the dip which has a fast downhill followed by an uphill which I alwayas attempt to coast up using my downhill speed. Half way down I lost my front wheel on the edge of the rut (Aaron should have trimmed the grass from this!) and hit the ground hard on my head and right shoulder. I did the squirmy, writhy, groaning thing rthat Barry has witnessed before and was helped to my feet by Lea. I has a bar end brand on one knee, my right fingers were sprained, my head hurt (thank god for helmets!) and my shoulder and ribs were complaining.

It was an agonising walk ride back to Waiaua where Lea arrived with the car. The Boss and Amber stuck with me - sorry for wrecking your ride. So I missed the stream ride for the third time.

Leigh was not happy when I got home and had a view that I do these things on purpose! Coffee, anti inflammatories and ice have helped. I have a suspicion that my shoulder may be worse than I am accepting, but don't tell Leigh.

Very disappointed that George, Brian and Dennis couldn't spend last night drinking beer and still make the ride. You all need to do better, especially you George if you aspire to be a possum!

Great to see Paul (Tegel) join the real hard man's club by spewing after yesterday's time trial!


teds said...

and what a spew itwas too! teagle you should have done that before the race. you would have been 3kg's lighter

Rachael said...

So was it the alcohol the night before that caused you to misjudge where the rut was or is it all aarons fault for not doing a better job on the track. Anyway hope the injuries are healing

Maurie said...

It was fearless speed!

Anonymous said...

good on u maurie,if u werent going so fast,u might have seen that i put a ramp in so that u could jump that section of the track an clear that rut.