Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Waitress at Long Beach Food Court

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Every night in Penang we dined at the same food court - Long Beach and were seated and served by our waitress Ti who looked after us each night.

We have 2 hours before we check out, then spend an hour at the pool then catch our ride to penang airport before we start our flights home.

Last night I ate some of the hottest chillis I have had for a while. They brought on the famous Abraham chilli hiccoughs!

We bought a few final items from the hawkers on the way back and took some photos of the hawker scene which can see from the link in the previous post.

We are about to head off for a final fish spa, final shopping!!!! and final curry puffs for lunch.

The other night when I raced home early as the curries were efficiently making their way through my system I was propositioned by a prostitute hanging out in the garden near the entrance of our hotel!


Terry said...

Just killed my afternoon by reading all of your blogs on conference and Penyang. Conference sounded good with some stimulating speakers. I think you should give up those curries-they don't appear to be doing you any good. I hope that you are not going soft on us thinking about those International Schools? Seriously though, could be a good choice in a few years. Enjoyed reading about your experiences-fish spa, gliding, food, more looked good. Catch you soon


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