Monday, July 13, 2009

Feasting in Penang

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Here's Leigh and Lucy at the food court we dine at each night. Last night we had satay and sizzling prawns!

Today was a full-on day as we went on an island tour. We started by visiting a batik factory where we bought some stuff. We then climbed into the hills and visited a fruit stall where we bought some fruit and nutmeg oil.

The highlight was visiting the snake temple which I visited in 1983 and when I was too scared to hold a snake. This time Lucy and I had a boa and viper around our necks!

After there we visited a flash manufacturing jewellers which was way out of our league. We then visited a Penang chocolate outlet and bought some curry and some chilli chocolate. From there we went to a coffee outlet, sampled a range of Penang coffees and bought some espresso.

Our final stop was a pewter factory which had some neat stuff and we bought some of it!

A few hours were needed recovering by the pool.

Check out the photos.


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