Friday, July 17, 2009

Curry Puffs For Lunch

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This photo shows the woman cooking our daily lunch of curry puffs. She lives in the residential flats next door and cooks and sells only curry puffs every day. She was there last year when we visited and she provided our lunch then as well.

We are now back at home. It was quite a long haul from Penang to Opotiki. The flight from Singapore seemed to be long as i had trouble getting comfortable enough to sleep. Did mange to read the complete book 'Outliers' by the Caldwell dude (The Tipping Point) which is an excellent read on what determines success.

We picked our car up OK and managed to drive home from Auckland without falling asleep. Mum was waiting for us with dinner all cooked which was great. I have just woken up after 13 hours sleep but still feel discombobulated (a great word). I will need to spend most of the next three days at school mainly dealing with emails and whatever else is on my desk so i am half ready for work on Monday.

Had a great time and no complaints from me. Looking forward to getting fit again.

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