Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Food!

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The food is the highlight of any trip to this part of the world. Here's Leigh and Lucy tucking into a curry at Little India in Singapore. The full set of photos of the trip to date are here.

We are in our first full day in Penang and there has been heavy rain. We had a neat feed of spring rolls, murtabak, chicken and rice and chicken and chapatis at the local hawker site last night.

The highlight of today was attending the fish spa where you dangle your feet and hands in the water and nimble fish come along and eat all your dead skin cells. Most of them hung around me! It was a difficult sensation to get used to, but once you did it was real cool.

I had to sprint back to the hotel as the various curries were making their way through my system. Leigh and Lucy stopped at a tailors and Lucy got measured up for a ball dress.

We're about to head down for a swim and laze by the pool since the rain has stopped.

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