Sunday, March 8, 2009

Whitikau and Return

Hedley 110
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What a week!

Tuesday night was the final summer series race and I was pleased to PB! (and beat Lea V).

On Thursday night we had the summer series fancy dress ride and beers. I have a heap of photos from Hedley to put up but they are large format and I haven't enough time at the moment.

On Friday night we had the Round Taupo Relay debrief and BBQ which was abit of a late night.

On Saturday night we had the Cycle Series prizegiving at the Golf Club which was another late night, but mot too bad because of a big power cut. This was a great night with a great group of people. The cycle series has involved a diverse range of people in terms of age, occupation, fitness levels.

It's outstanding that 100 people can turn up each week and have everything organised for them. Thanks Jarrod!

Then there was today's ride. The wahine, Leigh, Shirley, Marg, Lucy and Samantha, rode to Meremere and back and climbed the fastest they have ever done.

In the meantime 12 of us (me, the Boss, Lea, Hedley, Teleri, Hilton, David, Roger, Gareth, Ben, Grant and Clark) headed off from Hanaia and aimed for the Whitikau stockyards (40k away).

All went well until Clark mentioned that last night he had put on the tyres that he rode the 1995 Motu Challenge in! We all made it to the top of Meremere and then flew on to Toatoa where we learned that Clark's tyre had exploded and would wait on the hill. Grant headed back with my pump to assist while the rest of us climbed the Papamoa and headed towards Whitikau.

At the ford in the photo above Ben got a puncture and we then discovered that not only had Ben not brought food, but that he didn't have a tube! We helped him out and finally got to Whitikau.Click here to see the photos that Hedley took of us on the way and at Whitikau. This photo shows Dave charging across the ford at base of Papamoa.

After lunch (thanks for the scone Lea) we aimed for home. We came across Grant at the ford who reported that my pump was useless and that Clark was still waiting. We then hoofed it back to the Meremere where the boss helped him rig up his tyre.

We then charged down the Meremere like a bunch of banshees and at the bottom we learned that not only had Clark's other tyre exploded, that after it was repaired it blew again. The priority was to race to Grant's at Tirohanga so he could go and get Clark while the rest of us returned to Hanaia for coffee and spa.

I was feeling the pressure on the coffee as at 7.00 am that morning Hedley arrived with his own cup of coffee (I didn't take too much offense), Hilton and Teleri poured their first cup out claiming the milk I had just had on my porridge was off, and then Lea scoffed at the strength of the coffee I had made. Boy, did I brew a strong one.

The day was rounded off nicely, lolloing around on the deck, in the spa, drinking beautiful coffee! and chatting with friends, while being absolutely wasted after an 80k ride!

Bring on next weekend - Colville Connection and Paul's 50th.

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Lea said...

Coffee second time round was great - thanks Lucy. A great day - those youngsters will never scoff and ridicule my large packpack full of food and extra drink again!