Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kururau Krusher Success!

The bad news is that somehow I've lost my photos, and there was a very good one of me finishing my run too!

The good news is that Opotiki did awesomely well.

Jim Robinson: 2nd Veteran Mens Individual.
John Rollo, James Crosswell (is he a council employee?), Vaughan Payne and Mike Houghton: 1st Corporate Team.
Paul Owen, Maurie Abraham, George Teddy and Destry Hart (Opotiki Opossums): 3rd Veteran Men Team.
And the icing on the cake ....

Kyle Owen, Jared Owen, Braden Gedson, Gareth Owen: 2nd Secondary School Team. This may be the beginning of a school multi-sport dynasty. We are after some nice philanthropist wanting to donate a downriver kayak or two to support these guys!

We had a great time and enjoyed Chick's hospitality.

The race went a bit like this:

John finished about 15 seconds in front of Paul and Kyle all in about 1hr 25 on the road bike. Maurie and Jared took off a few seconds after James. Jared ran well for 1hr 21 for 16k and James pulled about another minute out of me, but he did know the way and I got a bit lost. He did about 1hr 9 and I did 1hr 10. George took off shortly after Vaughan on the paddle and hung on well to do 1hr 38 whileVaughan did 1 hr 34. Braden, after paddling for only a week to practice in my boat did a great 1hr 48 after stopping to empty water out of the boat because George forgot to tell him to wear the skirt high (good tactic, George). Mike took off on the steep and slippery mtb about 5 minutes in front of Destry who was about 20 minutes in front of Gareth. Destry pulled back 2 minutes on Mike but Mike held on for line honours with them coming in in about 1 hr 30. Gareth had an awesome ride to be the 3rd fastest ride in the whole event to move into 2nd school.

We were pretty knackered but all the talk was how everyone could improve next year. Things are looking good for our high school team who have now set their sights on Kaimai Classic and Motu Challenge. We plan to take out the Motu in 2011 so watch out.

It was great to miss out on the worst of the weather as well.

I'll see if I can find the photos, but I'm not confident.

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