Sunday, March 22, 2009

Colville Connection and Paul's 50th

I have no photos of the actual ride as it was too wet, slippery and tough to take a camera. The ride lived up to its reputation as a gruelling ride. All of us completed it well. My only incident was being t-boned by another rider going over his gandle bars and buckling my front wheel. Gareth rode awsomely to be 4th junior in the 72k and Lucy was 2nd in the hot chicks section. Gareth picked up 2 spot prizes, both sunglasses, Teleri got some sunglasses and Jared won a great coffee machine as a spot prize.

However, the real reason for going was to celebrate Paul's 50th. Delwyn prepared a great feed and we celebrated Paul's event at the Te Mata Lodge where we were staying. Paul, Delwyn, Kyle, Jared and Dana had their own cottage where we partied (in a quiet, knackered way), Leigh, I, Lucy and Marg occupied a cottage next door and the lost boys of Destry, George, Brian and another dude on the first night had very comfortable lodgings for lost boys. Hedley and Teleri and Karl and Jody had their own private chambers down the hill.

The photos show us enjoying a great breakfast.


Hedley said...

Awesome weekend despite the atrocious conditions. I must of been the great company that made it.

Hedley said...

IT must of been the great company, not I. typo, honestly.