Sunday, March 22, 2009

Opotiki Blue Mountain Blast - Maurie Thrashes Hedley

I'm sitting here in severe pain wondering why I don't stop doing these crazy things. I didn't even know if I would do this event until Saturday when Leigh came home saying she had the cash for all 3 of us to enter the race.

This morning the bikes had a quick check over since Colville and I discovered my headset had seized and took a lot of encouragement to free up. All was well and we took off just after 11.00 and charged into the Blue Mountains. I really enjoyed the first half though it is mainly steep climbing. I found the climb to the skid and then on to Valley Station Rd not too bad - must be benefitting from Colville.

The dip was awesome (see previous posts on Blue Mountai rides) and it was quite a slog to the skid at the top. Once again the upper Military track was outstanding and I was pleased to navigate all but one of the washouts full of rocks without getting off. The descent down King Rd to the Three Sisters went well until I suddenly lost my front wheel traction charging down the slippery, gorse bit and I landed heavily and painfully on my right hip. I eventually got up, but only because I knew Brian and Hedley would ride straight over me if I was still there!

Because of the overnight rain the Three Sisters were impossible to ride normally, so I dropped my seat, hung off the back and slipped and slid and tumbled my way down - one fall ended up scraping my right lower leg on the chain ring. I felt like staying in the mud, crying and waiting to be rescued!

It was, however, awesome to ride the 30+ creek crossings and end up back at the skid. The bumping over the creeks was hard on the hip and the lower leg was starting to hurt a bit. It was disappointing to have to stop hurtling down the road and turn into the paddocks, but, apart from the bumping along the farm tracks it was a great way to finish (finally) with both Brian and Hedley behind me. Apparently Hedley has some excuses, but I was deaf to them.

I immediately collapsed and was grateful to recieve an iced chocolate from Cliff and his mobile coffee truck. After standing up I was dizzy and nauseous and had to sit down again. Most people were concerned, except for Lea (who did later ask if I was OK and explained it was not good form to express any concern while others were listening so tried the laughing and ridiculing approach instead.)

I think tomorrow is going to be a bit painful and I might need my zipper frame to get up the stage for assembly.

Hope I'll be OK for muddy 1/2 marathon this Sunday!

Don't listen to Hedley's excuses.


Ariadne aka Marilyn said...

Zimmer frame is the term son. Great read anyway.

Hedley said...

I'll let you have that one Maurie, but be warned, I'm hungry for revenge.