Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Transformer (RIP Lou Reed) def: an agent of change

The structure of modules which exposes students to new learning and then allows for personalisation being presented by Di

Kylee explaining our innovative timetable which incorporates Learning Hubs, Big Projects, Specialised Learning Modules and MyTime

Di explaining different inquiry models that have informed her team's thinking

Steve describing a student's application of the timetable

Lisa outlining the planning steps we will follow to develop modules that support the big concept for the term

Jill explaining the various modules (Big, Small, Spin, Hoops) with excellent visuals

Expectations were high leading in to today as the SLLs were planning to reveal how the Specialised Learning Modules would be constructed, planned, resourced and fitted into the wider curriculum plan and timetable.

Expectations were exceeded!

I had already had a good picture of the design of modules as a result of my involvement in discussions but I was blown away by the clarity of explanation, the quality of the presentation and presentation material, the activities for us to participate in and the openness to response to the many questions asked.

The atmosphere was exhilarating. Over morning tea and lunch everyone was buzzing with excitement as we could all see that the realisation of our vision for learning was coming closer. The exciting thing is that we're going to experience the same excitement with the upcoming presentations on Projects and Learning Hubs.

The next few hours of meeting with Budget teams and then analysing their submissions was a bit surreal as I was still on a high and just felt like, quite uncharacteristically, saying "yes, yes!" To all requests!

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