Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mr Excitement! (Jackie Wilson)

"Exciting and scary". These were the words used by a staff member to describe the work that she was playing a key part in to bring a doable structure to our vision for teaching and learning; a structure that could give us some ability to plan and organise but that which would not compromise our commitment to personalising learning. Without even thinking I replied with something like, "Correct! That's our job."

Reflecting on that later I felt pleased with how much more comfortable we had all become in that scary and exciting place.

The day started with great personal story presentations:
Liz began by using a collection of framed sketches, student work and family photographs to share part of herself with us. She also used a netball to explain the importance of loose elbows in both shooting for goals and sketching!

Danielle followed by centering her story around a collection of images that depicted her family and their shared interests.

Then Georgi shared a great video showing the many aspects of what it means to be Georgi.

The rest of the day was spent assisting staff with the budgetting process, completing 2 more enrolments, meeting with a couple of dudes who are offering their services to assist with international students, discussing timetable developments and beginning to get a working relationship set up with my new PA, Maliina.

A couple of IT/AV issues have arisen, but as with most issues solutions soon start appearing. Late in the day Claire shared the work she had been doing on Hobsonline, our on-line LMS thingy. Looking very cool!

Today lived up to this post's title (an album by the way I am still looking for)

Tomorrow brings an appraisal meeting with my boss, a further enrolment, a series of IT meetings and another site visit. Hopefully a couple more personal story presentations!

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