Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Just Another Day of Awesome

It was a funny day today; a day when I couldn't fit lunch in until 2.48pm! It started with another enrolment, which is always a great task as I get to meet the parents and students who are committing to our school. From then I met for about an hour with our BOT chair as part of my performance review. It's always great talking with Alan as he has a vast range of experiences in the education sector and models life-long learning.

I managed to squeeze in a few minutes with the staff where Steve and Lisa were taking them through an exercise of identifying the key concepts and skills in the Learning Areas. It's always great to see the passion, knowledge and leadership on display when the LOLs are in full flight.

Lisa and Steve leading the team

Megan then ran a shared reading discussion with the new staff. I felt really privileged to sit back and see staff taking their turn to comment on the professional reading they had been doing and sharing it on our Google Site.

From there Claire and I met with Euan from Hawkins to confirm our AV installation requests. Megan and Pete took the opportunity to talk about the performance spaces in the school to help them with the budgetting. Shot, you two!

Then the first part of a three part meeting Claire and I had with a range of people re our phone and internet connection provision got underway. The technical stuff was over my head but the tension and conflict between the players was clearly evident. I think we made progress.

It was now 2.48, time for a quick lunch before heading off at 3.00 to take the primary staff and a few hangers on through the secondary school building. I was there last Wednesday but was still impressed with the further progress. 

Looking into one of the many social learning spaces

Robotics, electronics, small machines Learning Commons

So, it was a hectic day.

But it all came right when Lisa emerged from the cave in which her team had been working with the words, "Just another day of awesome!" And as I was about to leave, thinking I was the only one left at the late hour and doing a bit of air guitar to some pumping Talking Heads, Kylee and Megan emerged from their workspace and chatted about budgets and things. Just another day of awesome!

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