Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sharing food, ideas and company

The last 3 days seems to have revolved around sharing food, korero and each other's company.

It started on Friday morning with me, Claire, Di and Lea hosting the Principals and Deputy Principals from Hobsonville Point, Hobsonville, Marina View and Whenuapai Primary Schools at the Catalina Cafe. We took the opportunity to congratulate them on the quality of the kids we had been enrolling and to thank them for hosting our staff in their schools. There was a strong, positive vibe amongst everyone there with a strong commitment to maintain a strong relationship.

The SLT returned to the Catalina for a planning lunch (seriously) where we laid out the key planning stages for the remaining term of the year. We returned to school to complete some of the details of the planning to see our LOLs in action sharing their work from the last couple of weeks with each other.

At the end of the day we then headed to Casa del Amos where we enjoyed the company of our staff and their families, a few drinks and beautiful tapas.

Saturday was largely spent getting ready for our ERO visit on Monday and Tuesday and finished with a great meal at BOT Chair, Alan's, place with Leigh and Daniel and Alan,s wife, Liza, and their daughter and her husband. The food was outstanding (I even had beet root for dessert!) and the company and conversation was superb.

Today we had the traditional lunch at the Riverhead Tavern (Hallertau was closed for refurbishment) for our newly appointed staff who start next term. Once again the food was beautiful but the company and excited buzz from Peter, Danielle, Liza, Bryce, Cindy, Martin, Ros and Georgi was a real pleasure to experience.

I'm really looking forward to the ERO experience apopo. I fully expect they will find things that we should be more on top of than we are, but I really feel as if we have been getting this part of the journey right. As well, we have organised a shared lunch with them as well!

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