Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Curriculum Forensics

CSI agent Steve investigating the crime scene that was the NZC

On Monday our Learning Team Leaders worked with Lea as they explored the purpose of Learning Hubs, the role of the Learning Coach and practices and activities that would be appropriate for this part of our curriculum. It was neat how the Julia circles proved useful in shaping their thinking. This team has climbed right into their work which is evident with all of the material plastered around their work area (photos tomorrow).

As well, on Tuesday we were joined by Principal Colleague and Canadian travel companion John.
John is on his own journey to lead transformation in his own school. He participated in and contributed to our full day of activities. When our LOLs reported to him on what they had been working on I was almost moved to tears when one spoke of the concept of advocacy with reference to the need for us to be constantly advocating for the learning model we were designing and another spoke of cohesion and how Learning Hubs were going to create cohesion for each kid's learning. One also spoke of discovering the truth of observation allows you to see things at one level but that the process of drilling down through the practice you are observing allows you to see things at a much deeper level. 

John was present when our team of Specialised Learning Leaders began the process of deconstructing the NZC document to establish the true essence of it with the intention of then reconstructing it in a way relevant for our learners. They were working with Di's guidance and late in the day when she and Steve emerged from their cave with a triumphant smile on her face I knew something great had been achieved.
And it had been! And here it is! The essence of NZC!

John and I were so overwhelmed we had to retire for the day for sustenance.

But wait: there was more on Wednesday. The great work done by Di and Steve in the cave now faced scrutiny from Lisa, Jill and Kylee.

And they added to it and took the deconstruction further. Then while Di spent the afternoon leading the signage discussion with one of our designers and John The Builder, which involved visiting our building site, the group carried on without her! At the end of a long and tiring day I enjoyed the last half hour with Di as she talked about the progress with our building, but more importantly as she took me through the latest iteration of the deconstruction of the NZC which was now spread over the walls of the cave. It was clear to see the the creation from the swamp of a design thinking model spreading across the wall. Inspirational!

But of course, since its Hobsonville Point Secondary School, we had to fit more in. Claire will be at home tonight feeling very satisfied with leading the process of appointing an exciting and enthusiastic Library Leader to our team. At the end of today after preparing the information pack and application material, reviewing applications, leading the shortlisting and carrying out the interview (I was allowed to ask a couple of questions) she had the privilege of offering the position to an excellent candidate. With this appointment Claire now has an outstanding team of Professional Learning Leaders to assist her.

I also spent an engaging 80 minutes with a family who were considering enrolling their son at our school after planning for several years for him to go to Rangitoto. That may still be the outcome, but I appreciated their desire to be as fully informed as possible about our school. I enjoyed responding to their thoughtful questions.

I'm buggared (might have something to do with the long night of lubricated conversation with John) but feeling good: especially with Stone Roses pumping through the headphones.

I suppose tomorrow will be exciting as well!

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