Sunday, September 15, 2013

Of Whoops and Handstands and Ridiculousness

Even as it feels as if time is racing and we still have so much to do I'm still enjoying the very important milestones that are being reached. Last Friday two important milestones were achieved and marked by two different responses.

Late in the day there was a high decibel whoop from Steve in the Hacking Cave. I have only spent a little time in there with Di, Steve, Jill, Lisa, Kylee and Sarah so a more intimate description of what they are doing can be found in Steve's blog posts. However, I know their work will be instrumental in determining our teaching and learning model. So far, they have created a Hobsonville Point Design Thinking model totally informed by the key concepts from and the essence of the NZC. As well, they seemed to have put the NZC Learning Areas into a big pot, boiled it for a couple of weeks and closely analysed the sediment and found pure gold.

Just before that Yasmin performed an impromptu handstand to celebrate the great work her, Sally, Megan and Lea had achieved in shaping the very important learner dispositions, known as the Hobsonville Habits, into a learner profile.

Check out Sally's Blog to get the real oil on their work.

Things were starting to get ridiculous so there was nothing left to do but have a home brew taste off between Steve's Hobsonville Point Pale Ale and Ossie's Ale.

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