Sunday, April 5, 2009

Restorative Practices

The final week at school is a short one with Good Friday. As well, Thursday is JAM Day so should be a little less pressure.

Margaret Thorsborne is here all week. Tomorrow she will spend the day with those of us who did the three day restorative practices training last year, which includes most of the principals of our contributing schools. From Tuesday to Thursday she will be training 35 more staff from the schools in our district. She will be as inspirational and refocusing as always.

I am convinced that restorative practices are the way to go in schools, but you have to work bloody hard and try really hard not to blink! I have to admit that sometimes it would be much easier to take a more punitive approach, but I am certain what we arte doing is much better for the wider community.

Let's see how the week goes!

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