Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catch Up

Heaps been happening as usual.

It took me a week to get over the Blue Mountain fall. The bruise was spectacular and the bike is still parked in the garage! The next Sunday I ran the Muddy 1/2 marathon in 1 hr 46 which is a great time considering the hip and 2 runs of about 4 and 8 ks each in the previous 3 weeks. Couldn't walk for 3 days!

Last saturday I went for my first paddle in my waka and after a shaky start I realised it wouldn't tip and started to enjoy it. Went out Tuesday night as well and felt as if I was getting the hang of it.

Today I set out for a ride to Maraenui with the Boss, Brian, Destry and Lea. At the Morice's Bay corner my rear tyre blew so I had to hitch hike home. Unfortunately Lea had rung Leigh who came to get me but didn't see me in the car heading home. Caused a bit of tension as she ended up late for her ride.

Gave me a few extra hours at home so did the lawns! Later in the afternoon went paddling with Destry and Hedley who were in their double kayak. I had to work hard to keep up with them but enjoyed the time on the water.

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