Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Broken Ribs and Adventure Training

I am a bit impressed with myself. Yesterday, after only 8 days of breaking my ribs I donned my pack and compulsory gear and joined Barry, Lea and Trevor for a 20k walk up Upper Paerata Rd to the Trig, along Upper Paerata to the top gate, down the Amokura Rd extension to the ford, up and up through the bush to the gas pipeline, and then through the farmland to our car - 4 1/2 hours.

A combination of strong pain killers, stupidity and supportive team mates made it all possible!

We climbed to 560m a couple of times so it was a good workout. I did have quite an uncomfortable night but there is always a price to pay.

This morning Lucy and I jumped on our road bikes and did the 20k Omarumutu loop just to see what it would be like on a bike. It wasn't too bad, but I was pretty sore for 15 minutes after getting off - must be the deep breathing that cycling requires.

Tomorrow we are hiking up into the hills around the pipeline from the Waiotahe Valley. Might also try a wee paddle in the afternoon!

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