Sunday, November 2, 2008

School Update

Had a busy shortened week (Labour Day) last week. Tuesday was spent preparing for BOT meeting which was that night. It was a great meeting with lots of discussion around issues to do with curriculum and teaching programmes and property.

The hassle was that after that I had to drive to Hamilton (arriving just after midnight) as I attended a Michael Fullan seminar starting at 8.30am. He was a great presenter who discussed his six secrets for leading change. He really needed two days but he has given me some good insight because if there is certainly one thing that we can guarantee in this line of work it is change!

Had a nice dinner and catch up with Peter from Tauhara that night and the following day we attended a Student Engagement Initiative reference group meeting with the Ministry of Education. There was some robust discussion about the direction of this initiative but I do feel that the principals involved are listened to.

I got back Thursday night and had to do final preparations for a morning staff meeting where we were to have the first full discussion around curriculum direction for our school since my return from sabbatical. Despite most of the thoughts being out there via the wiki and Professional Reading Groups I was a little uncertain as to what staff response would be.

I reckon the meeting was very positive with some good questions being asked. Hopefully some comments will be posted to confirm or deny my view.

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