Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Post Cycle Revelations

We had a great ride at Otara tonight. I went along determined to sit back in the group and let others push the pace. But of course that didn't happen. A small group of us tried to push the pace and sometimes opened up a small gap, but we didn't work as a team enough to break away entirely. It was interesting to note that 3-4 of the top 7 finishers in our grade were noticeably absent from doing much or any of the work early on.

That's the way it goes unfortunately and is the nature of cycling. But it was still cool with us averaging over 33kph and hitting 43kph along the Otara on the way home.

The best bit was a couple of beers at George's after the event. I learnt so much; Nicola and Jarrod don't argue, he just listens; Rosalie is the latest Teddy centrefold (Endurance Magazine) and also made the front page of Women's Day; Destry started biking to the race and then realised he might be forced to have a few beers afterwards so decided to bail out before the start; Simon, Ross and Colin almost biked past the beer option but after the cogs turned slower than the cadence they turned around and joined in.

Cycling is great fun.

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