Sunday, November 23, 2008

All Blacks and Blue Mountains

After watching the might All Blacks take out the Welsh (Hedley the Welshman was there with us!) Hedly, Teleri and I headed off from Tirohanga into the Blue Mountains. We picked up Grant, Hilton, Amy and Bruno (the dog) on the way.
We did the Valley Station Rd/Mangakirikiri Stream loop. Ther's a bit of good climbing and some great downhill with the fun stream crossings.

The highlights were Grant's delight at the MTB experience, Hilton's whoop with joy on one neat downhill, Teleri's dive into the creek because Bruno was too slow and Amy's determimation to crack the hill climbs.

I was the only one to get up the other side of the neat downhiill and uphill swoop about 2/3 away around without pedalling, but then again I was the only one who knew we were playing that game!

This was agreat 3 hours ride in good company.

We didn't go with the road bike ponies to Te Kaha and back because they implied we were too slow for them and they weren't gonna wait for anyone on the hills because they wanted to get back before dark.

The SOBs are real mates and we can accommodate anyone with us on our awesome rides!

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