Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Walk in the Park

This Tuesday's trek was a walk in the park compared to last week though it was still tough in parts. Myself, Lea, Trevor and our leader Barry from the Opotiki A team were joined by Destry and Jenny from the Opotiki B Team along with Roger and a surprise appearance from Hedley. Young Shannon also accompanied us. There was a bit of tension in the air but Hedley and Destry coped without incident!

We climbed Prentice's Hill from Roger's which has to be one of the steepest climbs around and then through the bush to the little trig. Our reward was a magnificent evening view of the mighty 'O' all lit up.

The full moon came out as we scrambled down without incident with a good gallop along the road to Roger's. A much more respectable 1 3/4 hours, rather than the 6 hours of last week.

Have been out for a couple of paddles and realise my sea kayak is going to be hard work. On Saturday Brian, Trevor and I paddled over to the Ohope wharf to discover the bar was closed. We'll get there though because we plan to paddle over during lunch time on this Sat for a lunch and abeer before paddling home. Another fantasy to tick off!

I'm batching tonight so had a wonderful feed of fresh snapper (caught by Lucy last Sunday evening) and chips and fried onions and mushrooms. Don't tell Leigh! To top it all off I'm supping on a beer and blasting out Rolling Stones and the Beatles on vinyl! This is another fantasy I have: to own a copy of every record in the Rolling Stones Magazine February 2004 list of the top 500 albums of all time. I currently have almost 200 which includes 93 of the top 100. I'm now working my way through listening to all of them that I have in order from top to bottom! Well, you got to do something!


Barry said...

Yeah I noticed the tension between Destry and Hedley too. And when it came out that the big fellow had been talking to new team members BEFORE Hedley even did his back in that was the final straw! Maurie I think a restorative group conference is required...

PS: Destry dont let Hedley do any work on your bike in the next couple of weeks.

Destry said...

The only tension you would have noticed was on the wires of the fence as 90kg of sheer power climbed over it! Gained from the manual type of work I do (a bit more than showing houses). As for the "dumping" of team mates, this is not a game, you cannot afford to be carrying an injury. What do you think would happen to an injured gazelle in the Masai Mara?