Monday, April 7, 2008

Long Time Coming

I was determined not to write another post until I received at least one comment about the Colville experience. Thanks Barry.

The real reasons why there has not been a posting for a while are work, work and work. However, exciting and scary events have still been happening. Kurt, Hine, Leigh, Lucy and I attended the Whitianga Bluesfest where we were entertained by many fine artists including Buddy Guy and K T Tunstall! Leigh got so excited she threw up!

When we arrived home that Sunday we went up to the Boss' where an awesome surprise party was held for my 50th. When 40 people burst through the black plastic and charged at me shouting Happy Birthday, I was speechless. And Pete's band, especially with their version of Cracker's Happy Birthday To Me, was awesome.

A few days later Leigh and I went to SPANZ conference in Nelson which was great. We had to leave a day early becuase our son, Sam, was having a major operation to correct scoliosis of his spine. He was very brave as he set off for a 7 1/2 hour operation to put steel rods in his back. Leigh is still up there with him as he recuperates.

Two weeks ago a group of us preparing for the 24hr adventure race trekked into the back of the Otara and Pakihi for about 9 hours in hugely steep country. Couldn't walk for 5-6 days after.

Thankfully, I was at conference the next weekend when the others climbed around in some different hills.

Yesterday myself, Lea, Barry, Trevor, Hedley, Destry, Roger, Danni and Tyler MTBed to the 16k bridge up the Motu Road and then tramped 18 k through the bush and hills. There was a track for some of it, but for a lot there wasn't. Danni stumbled across two wasp nests scoring 8 stings! It was pretty exciting being in the bush with a young woman ripping her clothes off to get at the wasps. Barry showed great leadership in making the blokes avert their eyes.

After trekking 8k down the stream to the bridge we then MTBed home. It was a 10 hour expedition, but not too tough. Hedley and Destry made the mistake of turning up my road and after three hours had drunk all my beer and floated around in the spa pool! Adventure race training is neat fun!


Barry said...

After years of playing golf I thought that Destry had broken the habit of visiting the 19th hole after a day of sport! I dont mind you dragging your team down but dont go leading my team astray in the future! Remember Maurie that what you eat/drink in the two hours after training has a huge bearing on your recovery. The spa is good though.

Hedley said...

That was the best team bonding I've had,just a shame that us three aren't in a team together!