Saturday, April 26, 2008

Motu Road Bites Back

The Motu Road is a tough ride but when you haven't done it for a while you tend to forget how tough it is. While we were climbing the Meremere I heard Barry say it must be like childbirth. It hurts like hell but you keep going back for more.
Anyway we had a big crew; myself, Lea, Barry and Terry/Trevor from the A team and Destry, Aaron, Karl and Jenny from the B team and we were joined by the long-lost Colin Campbell, George, Roger and that freak of nature Dennis.
I'm struggling with a head cold as a result of too much close contact with Barry in the Bush so my lungs struggled every step/cadence of the way up Meremere and Papamoa where we turned around. I did really enjoy the downhill, especially when Aaron was cheeky enough to try to be faster than me and ended up with a great skid and fall off in his attempt to avoid being run over by the DOC truck.
George was struggling by the end and I did my Willie Apiata impression and 'carried' him home over the last 16k to finish in the dark. Great effort George.
The photos above show the debrief occuring.
Finished off with a great meal and company at Marg's to farewell her on her 3 month overseas trip.


lea said...

Childbirth!!!! - you guys have no idea!!!

destry said...

Us males can never experience child birth as you females can never experience a kick in the nuts. After you've had one you don't see us wanting a second or third.