Monday, November 11, 2013

"In The Light"

Outstanding feedback from ERO today about our readiness for opening in 2014 had me, initially, wanting to share their thoughts widely, but then, on reflection, decided it would be better to share with our team tomorrow first. So, I've decided to post a few pictures that captured events throughout the day.

 The railway station-type clock in our soon-to-be-completed building had stopped 2 seconds before midnight so reminded me we still had plenty of time left.
It also reminded me that even a stopped clock is exactly right twice a day!

Claire and Lex with the ERO team inspecting the physical spaces in which we will deliver our innovative teaching and learning models.

Steve proudly displaying the serial robotics kit he convinced me to buy for a couple of hundred dollars which comprises a toothbrush and a bit of paper!

Staff meeting with ERO framed with a highly appropriate caption that summarises how ERO felt after meeting with them.
These staff talked of the truly collaborative nature of their working environment and leadership which allows all to shine; a climate we must be determined to maintain and grow.

Traditional Ninja ERO photo!

Even I am allowed my time to shine and share the big picture before the real experts take over.
Di sharing the rigour her team has constructed to track curriculum coverage and learning progress.

The strongest feedback from ERO was about leadership. My personal reflections on their feedback has steeled my resolve that, despite the challenges and setbacks from time-to-time, one of my key roles is to challenge the full group of leaders (in our case all staff) to contribute strongly to a climate of mutual respect and high trust and to allow others the opportunity to shine "in the light" (Led Zep). 

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