Sunday, August 16, 2009

Motu Training

A large group took part in a wide range of Motu training options today. Barry and a group left from the Waiaua Church and MTBed to the top of Whitikau and back. Hedley drove Karl's car to Motu, ran the track and then road home via the gorge. As well, a large group of us met at the College. The Boss, Lea, Jarrod, Dennis, Gareth, Destry, Brian, Karl and Mike left on their MTBs and picked up Dick at Tirohanga. John and Dan, Destry and I drove up the gorge to Motu where Destry and I ran the track while John and Dan waited for Colin who was driving up and rode back to town.

I found the run quite a struggle as was longest run for me since last Motu. 1 hr 36 was a good time for me but I struggled over the last 4-5 ks while Destry finished well in about 1hr 32.

Not too long after our finish Jarred came storming in followed shortly later by Dennis and Gareth, then Lea and Karl and the others in forgotten order. In the meantime Jim arrived, promptly did a U Turn and rode back to Opotiki without a pause or a hello. Karl leapt in his car and went to catch up with Hedley

Mike jumped in John's car and drove off after them, Jarred, Lea, Dennis, Gareth and Destry headed off on their road bikes, Brian drove Destry's truck with Dick on board, Andrew took Colin's car and I took the laden Hyundai and we headed to Matawai for fried sausages and coffee where we met Trev who had driven up to see if anyone needed a hand. Unfortunately there was only one sausage but I got it!

We then took off after our cyclists. We came across Gareth with a totally empty tank on te Wairata Hill and waited for everyone at Oponae. Jarred flew straight on, Gareth bailed and jumped in the Hyundai, and Dennis, Lea and Destry headed for home.

Jarred, Lea, Destry and Dennis completed a total of 100 miles! It was a bloody long day for a 96 minute run. Check the photos.Can't wait for next weekend.


Jarrod with an o, 2 r's said...

thanks for getting close up shot of my arms,legs and sponsored Giant bicycle.

Anonymous said...

160km, we not in the old days anymoresno

Maurie said...

Sorry Jar Rod. 100 miles seems further than 160K

Lea said...

Awesome day - lots of sore bits (61/2 hrs sitting on a little bike seat!). Thanks for the great support, Maurie.

Teds said...

yea thats like 2hours more than gareth owen, but whos counting a lea. - by the way, just a joke between, lea, destry, maurie, pete and i. And no destry i will not leave you out of it.

Lea said...

Youthful and fit Gareth Owen - oh, I was wondering who that little speck far behind me was...

Barry said...

When you going to update Maurie?

Anonymous said...

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