Saturday, August 1, 2009

Curriculum Planning

Go the relevant page of my wiki on Development Plans for Opotiki College (see sidebar or clicking on the post title will take you directly to the page) to see my latest plans for our Junior Curriculum at Opotiki College. I have attempted to take the best out of our Pilot Home Roomed Class idea, our three day wananga experience, the work of our Aspiring Leaders Group, my sabbatical, research I have been reading, and the posts on Bruce Hammond's Blog and match this with school structures and staff capacity and come up with something that moves us along and is doable.

You will see it is centred around the formation of learning teams for each junior form class which all concentrate on one common theme per term and there is a lot of collaborative planning, discussion of strategies and the sharing of assessment data along with the formation of clear learning goals and targets for each class based on establishing the 'where at' position for the whole class and individuals.

I would appreciate feedback both on the blog and especially on the wiki.


Bruce said...

Hi Maurie

I read your plan and it looks really good to me - the collaborative planning, the themes etc. I guess this involves thinking clearly how they will present or demonstrate what they have learnt. The idea of trying to work out what students know ( and can do) before they begin is an important one. As hard as it is it is important to try and find out what individual students have learnt. Have you read Prof Nuttal's book - I will put up a blog about it.

Hope to catch up with you later in the year. I am currently putting together a book about Quality Teaching and Learning and will let you know when it is published. Need to sell 50 to break even!

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