Sunday, May 31, 2009

In Vancouver

After what seemed days and days I have arrived in Vancouver before I left!

I had trouble sleeping on the flight to LA mainly because there were too many neat films to watch. I saw the Topp Twins, then The Reader, tried to sleep and then two episodes of Go Girls (I should have been watching that at home).

Terry, I had a pizza in the same place at LA airport!

The flight to Vancouver was OK as I had 2 seats to myself. I dozed most of the way but enjoyed a great view coming in towards Vancouver. We touched down at about 9.00pm (still light) and got to hotel at about 10.00pm.

I can't get my phone to work, though it worked in USA and my EEEPC laptop is playing up and the cursor/button combo doesn't work and everything has to be done with tab and arrows. Did this once before and I can't remember how I fixed it!?

Slept till 11.00am and have just finished a walk along the sea front and a bagel and fruit lunch with a surprisingly nice coffee. It's very summery, about 22 degrees, with a cool wind.

I'm going to try to solve the phone and laptop problems by visiting their websites and then go for a jog along sea front and through Stanley Park.


Leigh said...

You reset the little computer from the bios through your nimble finger and lightning quick reaction time!

Ariadne aka Marilyn said...

Good to hear of your Vancouver news. I hope you get your phone & p c probs sorted.Love my little toy. Costs me nothing @wifi hotspots!

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