Saturday, May 2, 2009

Drama on High Seas

Well, it felt like that anyway.

Lea, Barry, George, Aaron and I planned to paddle over Ohiwa Harbour to the Boatshed Restaurant to order beer and chips and return. As we set off the wind was howling and rain was falling and whitecaps were appearing in the distance. I felt very unstable but pushed on. Things weren't too bad until we cut across the channel to the Ohope side. From there to the wharf it was like a washing machine - surfing down waves, rudder out of water, and wind blowing quite strongly. The trickiest bit was getting around the wharf and landing. For most of the time I was terrified but Barry looked after me and kept shouting Abraham-like motivation things at me. I knew he was doing it and could see through him - but they worked.

We had a very average coffee (too cold for beers) from a very average host and talked about the dangers of getting back. I was tempted to hunker down and ring for a car! Thankfully the others were more determined and we headed off into the wind and punched our way back. It was easier paddling into the waves and wind and we finished with it being dead calm.

This paddle was a great confidence booster for me and as Barry said "If you can stay upright in this you can handle anything." That's bullshit, but it helped. I feel for the likes of Trev, Destry and Karl who missed the opportunity.

Finishing off with a couple of beers at Hunters allowed for a great debrief.

At our team meeting at Hunters last night we were joined by Nathan Faave who was good compaany and gave us some great advice.

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Barry said...

We need a new meeting place or start drinking ginger beer like Nathan!