Monday, March 12, 2007

Motu Magic

Sorry, no photos this week as the boss was absent with leave so we had no camera. Actually a camera would have been perfect to catch that wonderful, painful expression on Jarrod's face as I sped past him when climbing the Papamoa. It was similar to the look on Brian and George's face as I did the same!!!

Anyway, back to the start. Another Sunday, another great adventure. This time Kurt, Lea, Jarrod, Aaron and George met at Hanaia for coffee and we picked up Brian at Tirohanga store. We headed up the Mighty Motu Road to climb to the top of Papamoa and return - a ride of 72k. Leigh also did a solo ride to the top of the Meremere and back - 50k by herself which is a great achievement!

Jarrod and Aaron had gone for a wee bush walk the day before and claimed they were a bit tired. I led for the first 7k which I thought was a bit long as I waited for the next rider to have their turn in front. We hit the base of the Meremere together but soon separated as Lea set out on her own challenge to be the first to the top. All were left in her wake, but she didn't know that I was looking after those at the back, because I'm that sort of guy! Unfortunately, I continued to have seat problems as my quick release was not working and my seat slowly sunk to the bar!

The summit was totally clouded in and we continued onto the Papamoa after leaving Aaron to fend for himself dealing with a puncture. We hit the base quite a distance apart, but an awesome climb on my part saw me haul in everyone but Lea, but I was hauling her in! As soon as I caught her at the top she insisted we head down straight away to really rub it in! Who was I to argue?

Two great downhill rides saw us all gather at the 16k bridge to wait for Kurt who had developed into a bit of a heavy weight during the ride. Jarrod was unable to wait as he was in if I stop now I stop for good mode. On the way we had passed a group of children on a wide range of bikes. When Kurt finally turned up he announced that he might be stuffed but no kids on BMX bikes were going to beat him. At that point he discovered his flat tyre and the kids came past before he could fix it!!

We then split into 2 groups. The caring and sensitive Maurie and George stayed with Kurt to nurse him home while Lea, Aaron and Brian sped off in the distance. We caught them on the Main Rd trying to fix Aaron's broken chain. We were catching them anyway!!

Juice, coffee, passion fruit and muffins completed a great but exhausting Motu Meander.

That's my version of events anyway!!!!!


Jarrod said...

Another fantastic morning of events. The fact that Aaron and I had just walked/jogged 22km and MTBed 10km the day before, we were definately already feeling it before we started. Always enjoy riding with the group. I, of course couldn't be bothered stopping again and had to push on through, and was very glad to. My aching knee and very fatigued thighs had had enough and were glad to take a dip into Maurie's 41 degree celcius spa pool to rid all the toxin's within. Unfortunatley it did not work as I hoped it would, as I woke this morning (Monday, day after) not being able to walk. It was a pitty Maurie never took a photo of me laxing out in the spa sipping on juice and eating passionfruit. LOVE that passionfruit Abes. Your success wont last on that hill climbing Lea and Maurie, live it up while you can!!

Lea said...

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, eh? However, the bit about me being first up the hills is quite correct (lucky the boss wasn't there!) Those Teddy boys better stop making excuses - they're starting to sound like Maurie!

Leigh said...

Not only did I have a long and boring ride by myself he didn't mention that on my return home I morphed into a domestic goddess and made them muffins!! and picked the passionfruit - more exhausting being a goddess than a biker chick!