Monday, March 5, 2007

Blue Mountain Blues Chapter 2.

We've just climbed Gaskills Rd to the forestry gate and about to enter the awesome Blue Mountains. Little did we know that Destry and Glen would break a chain each and that my seat bolt would shear off. We rode for 3 1/2 hours but were out for 5 hours. Despite the dramas it was a great ride with some tough relentless climbing and some scary downhill. I think only 3 of us successfully rode the last bit of treacherous downhill - Jarrod and Aaron and myself (though I did have a fall near the top!) It was also great because of the turnout - the Boss, myself, Kurt, Lea, Jarod, Aaron, Brian, Hamish, George, Glen and Destry. The day before Leigh and Shirley attacked Meremere Hill. They are supposed to be the more sedate crew!

More photos of the ride if you click here.


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can't wait for the next adventure to be posted

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Still waiting for the latest advenures of Mr Ab