Monday, January 1, 2007

Te Tau Hau

Kurt's birthday was great and Lucy, Phil and I carried out the Abraham tradition of air guitaring Cracker's Happy Birthday to Me! Drank a few beers and finished off with a couple of whiskeys and got home at a reasonable hour. Therefore, I couldn't understand why I woke feeling how I did. Room spinning, cold sweat and severe nausea. Typical for 2006 to end up like this on the final day.

However, there was no time to feel sorry as I had to head to Maraenui to pick up our spa pool from Bev and Ted. The big excitement was driving Ted's SUV back towing this huge trailer!

I then spent most of the last day of 2006 sleeping hoping that people who were invited up for a BBQ didn't turn up!

However, we ended up having a BBQ with Mum and Dad and Marg. Sam's girlfriend, Juanita, turned up with him after work at about 10.30 as well. It is quite unusual seeing the new year in without knocking back a few drinks and laring up a bit. It does make you feel better on the first day of the new year though!

It was a quiet night and the photos show us relaxing by the brazier and enjoying Thomas' choice of music - The White Stripes.

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