Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Andrew "The Boss" Taylor grinding up a hill.

This is a great photo of Andrew putting in the hard yards on our day in the Redwoods on Sunday. Myself, Leigh, Thomas, Lucy, Margaret, Andrew, Tine and her sister, Brian, Michael and Hamish and Scotty and Faith went to the Redwoods for MTB and trailwalking. There are many new tracks there that I had never ridden before and they were wonderful - lots more drop downs and technical stuff and plenty of opportunity to get some air. Every one had a great time as you can see by clicking here and looking at the

photos. Hamish slashed his calf on his big chain ring and then bust his rear deraillieur. We had to take it off, shorten the chain and make temporary repairs, which we did well with a little help from a passing bike afficianado!

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anaru.t said...

yep thats me
but check out the photos on flikr to see the others really enjoying themselves