Friday, July 11, 2014

Big Projects

We use Specialised Learning Modules, Learning Hub, MyTime and Big Projects to enable students to experience the NewZealand Curriculum in a variety of packages rather than just the single subject, single class, single teacher model that is part of the paradigm of one.

Big Projects are a major part of our curriculum. This YouTube clip has our project leader, Sarah Wakeford, explaining the intent of Big Projects and how they work.

Our first Big Project concentrated on Building our Culture and aligned with our Term I big concept of identity and our Term II big concept of Space and Place. This web page explains how students were supported to contribute.

The culmination of this first Big Project occurred on the evening of June 26 when students presented the results of their work to the community. Students positioned themselves beneath the relevant banner that detailed the Hobsonville Habit disposition that was evident in their project work. They talked about their project and answered questions from their parents.

Watching these students talk so confidently about their learning, with their work displayed as if in a gallery with parents wandering around with their souvenir programme it was important to remind ourselves that we were dealing with 13 year olds who had spent merely 3 hours one day a week for 15 weeks to get to this point.

After this viewing session we were treated to poetry recital, orchestral music, dance, drama and modern music from our wonderfully talented students.

This was our mission of Innovate Engage Inspire in action. As a result of forming a powerful partnership with the Hobsonville Land Company our students were inspired to produce high quality work which impressed the audience and the HLC. I am convinced the authenticity of the learning context drove accountability and rigour so that high quality work was produced and high quality learning took place.

Mock ups of some of the banners on display in our auditorium

The following is a selection of photos taken at the event:

Seems like we're ready to launch into the next Big Project which will result in a school show!

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