Saturday, December 26, 2009

Time for a new MTB?

It was Lea's idea to do a Boxing Day ride in the Blue Mountains to justify her huge servings of Xmas pud. So I set the alarm for 6.30 and the Boss and Lea turned up for coffee and we headed to Vallet Stn Rd for a pleasurable, enjoyable ride.

All was going well until the top point of Valley Station when a windfall tree's branch hooked my chain and snapped off my rear derailleur! We expertly broke the chain and relinked the Kona as a single speed and I headed back while the other two carried on to the Mangakirikiri. However, I was so enjoying the single speed sexperience that I turned left at the creek to meet them coming up stream. I had a great time hurtling down the track, getting some air and coping with the windfall.

When I met them I noticed the chain was super tight and the pedals could hardly go around. After some tutuing we were off again, but by the time I got to Gaskill's Bridge I could hardly pedal again.

William Ellis stopped in his truck and delivered me to the bottom of Tirohanga Road so at least I could ride the last kilometre, but the strain of gettin up Hanaia Rd was too much for the chain so it snapped!

Is it time to give in?


Lea said...

...the pudding was great (2 different kinds!). A very quiet MTB once Maurie turned around - and I still managed the creek crossings without him yelling at me!

Hedley said...

I'm not sure if any bike will handle the punishment you dish out Maurie. They just don't make them tough enough.

Ariadne aka Marilyn said...

Never give up son - just pay up!

teds said...

good words mum,
hey maurie i like this new word, sexperience

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