Sunday, September 13, 2009

Swimming in The Willows

Today I picked up Nicole from Lea's and we drove up to Motu with our kayaks in tow. It was pretty horrible weather but the river looked good - quite fast but clear.

After waiting for half an hour we were about to unhook the trailer and go and look for our cyclists but soon the muddly, bedraggled crew came in; Lea, followed by Barry, another bloke who couldn't find the car keys left by his dad, John, for about 15 minutes, Teleri then the boss.

Barry jumped on his road bike and started the ride home. The Boss, Lea, Nicole and I headed to Matawai where the boss and I had the standard fried sausage and coffee and we heded off to Oponae giving Barry some much needed encouragement.

Just before Nicole, Lea and I started our paddle Hedley and Shane turned up as well. I felt strong and paddled hard through the rapids and felt much more confident. Both Lea and Nicole headed up stream a couple of times and Lea took one dead end.

However, i was the only one to take a swim. I got caught amongst the willows just below the cottages and ended up tipping and taking a swim. It was good to get it out of the way!

Hope to get a couple of runs in this week and do both legs next weekend!

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